Sexploration with Monika – Pussyfest plus Folsom Sexy Street Fair

You can join us right now on location at two very sexy parties: Kinky Salon’s Pussyfest (San Francisco’s friskiest sex party) and Folsom Street Fair, where hundreds of thousands of sexy fetish, latex, & leather-clad party-goers pack themselves onto Folsom street in San Francisco’s SoMa District. We’ll talk about how social networking is leading to more authenticity and sex-positivity with Eamon Armstrong of Masquerotica, plus Wicked Grounds SF’s kinky coffeeshop co-owner PsychoKitty dishes about his favorite tricks with dog bowls and miles of hemp rope, then the deliciously feathery Belle Phénomène tells us how she went from a life of abuse and slut-shaming to being proud of being authentically her own beautiful freak through burlesque! Then, at Folsom Street Fair, Scott Levkoff, co-founder of the Kinky Salon, is at the Masquerotica booth primping the tentacled post-apocalyptic angels of sexy-wierditude, corseted, headressed, and protuberantly costumed himself. How to make a sexy party of thousands of people safer? Also, we track down Bent who started a Kinky Salon in Copenhagen, Denmark. What’s it like starting your own Kinky Salon? How do you create a party that is sexy, relaxed, and friendly? How does the oh-so-San-Francisco Kinky Salon translate to other cultures?

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