Sexploration with Monika – Masquerotica: End the Battle of the Sexes

You can hunt sexperts with me at Masquerotica! At’s SF’s biggest sexY party, we’ll learn the secrets of animal play, why this beautiful woman likes pain, and mmmoore, but first, join me and Sacred Courtesan School and Knights of Eros founder Francesca Gentille for a surprisingly simple way to end the battle of the sexes. You’ve been hurt by the opposite sex? What’s the answer? (Cause I’m pretty sure it’s not pushing harder or more cold shoulder.) We’ll talk about how you can find common ground, how to drop in to the present with a stranger, and how to reach past your fear, lightly. Francesca tells a compelling story from the playa about how the biggest wounds of men and women can create an even longer battle, unless we see what we’re doing and drop into compassion and connection. Also, how you can create juicy energy and attract people to you! Where does juicy energy come from? You can join us right now at Masquerotica, SF’s biggest sexY party… and this is just a TEASE – there’s more sparkle and shiny sex-positive goodness yet to come!

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