Sexploration with Monika – Sex Robots: sex + technology = ?

You can join me at the Arse Elektronika Porn & Technology conference where they had a sex robot that looked like Johnny 5. One arm of the sex robot is a “tongue saw,” with 12 moulded rubber tongues that flap around in a circle, back through a bucket of lube, with variable speeds. One women who tried it said that it feels “mechanical”. Mmmmmmechanical? Are sex robots the future of sex? We talk with Binx, a fabulous young lady who gave the sex robot for a spin (on a whim), ejaculated, and had this spectacular explosively pleasurable experience (behind a sheet). We also talk to Jake and Ian who work for the company that owned the sex robot. We talk about all the strange machines that have been invented or modified for sexual pleasure (egg beaters, power tools, electrical zappers) and what it means to have sex with a robot. Is having sex with a robot cheating on your boyfriend? What if he gets jealous? Does having sex with a robot “ruin” sex with a normal person? What does female ejaculation feel like? Can you be a feminist and have sex with a robot (in front of a roomful of people)? Is there feminist pornography? What happens if you are having long-distance computer-assisted sex with a robot, and someone hacks into your connection so now you are having sex with a robot that is no longer controlled by your boyfriend? Consent in the context of computer security and tele-dildonics? What if someone wants to marry their robot someday?

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