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Erectile dysfunction (ED) treatment advertisements appear almost everywhere nowadays. Even 20-year old men want to have a cure-all for what is construed as a less-than perfect penis or sexual experience. Based upon the results found in the Massachusetts Male Ageing Study on sexual dysfunction, the matter can appear on the scene in men who are as young as 40. What is so astounding is that the study also reveals that 18 to 30 million men can expect to be afflicted by this condition.

One has to wonder if all men considering treatment are, in fact dealing with erectile dysfunction; which if the term is used correctly actually refers to maintaining an erection. Our medical professionals often lump an ineffective libido, or other problems such as premature ejaculation into the same category. These conditions are not necessarily all the same. A sluggish libido, generally speaking, is the body not being able to respond to the mind’s desire. The commonality is that there is a physical basis for these problems.

ED symptoms include a flaccid penis, the inability to get an erection, having difficulty with being hard enough for sexual intercourse; or an erection incapable of being sustained for any real length of time. The percentage is quite significant; if a man is unable to become erect, or incapable of maintaining an erection 75 % of the time, then say, “Hello, ED!” Back to the Massachusetts study, and we find out that as men age, this type of issue is more common. It may be more so than perhaps the general population was previously aware. Though, this is not an indication that getting older has to be the end of a sex-life. Treatment can be gotten at any age, be it 40 or 70 and there are several alternatives to the little blue pill that are around to make everything right as rain. Similar to many other matters in our world, you have your positives and your negatives to consider. We have all heard the commercials where they say, “If you maintain an erection for longer than 4 hours, it is necessary to seek medical attention immediately”.

Well let’s explore this… How a penis gets hard is quite simple and it is also the reason for concern. The penis has two chambers known as the Corpora Cavernosa, these fill up with blood and this is what causes the penis to expand and harden. This all originates because of signals to the brain; thoughts, sounds and other stimuli create the desire. When the chambers fill with blood during arousal, the arteries relax and dilate, becoming wider; preventing blood flow to leave the penis. This is what actually causes the penis to increase in size and hardness. Once ejaculation occurs, there should be signals within the body from the mind for the arteries to revert back to their former state and to have a continuation of blood flow. While the penis is erect, there is up to eight times as much blood in the penis not moving, in comparison to when it is flaccid. For the body to function properly, blood flow is a mandate; in addition to the fact that the smallest blood vessels that are connected to the arteries and veins can only take a little pressure.

If an erection is sustained for more than four hours it is possible for a capillary to burst with potential of permanent damage to the penis; hence the advertisement’s warning.

 ED may be caused by a plethora of factors not associated with ageing, but consigned by circumstance. For instance:


Too Much Drinking

Certain Medications

Major Depression


Excessive Masturbation

Conversely, ED may be avoided or lessened by any activity that creates health and wellness. Consideration given to heart health, eating nutritiously, maintaining a good level of blood pressure, having adequate sleep, getting consistent exercise, managing stress , and so forth, are all great areas to focus attention on.

There are Holistic forms of treatment as well as preventatives for ED that are also valuable for the whole person, not just the sexual organ and or a moment’s experience. Acupuncture, Hypnosis, Creative Visualization, Yoga, Qigong, and Auto-Suggestion are just some examples. As mentioned previously, any activity that creates health and wellness are of benefit.

Bearing in mind that stress may be a major component in handling the matter, it is important that if there is an occurrence of ED you take control of your emotion. Breathing deeply in adverse situations has been proven to have profound effects upon one’s mental/emotional state. As well, just because there is one incident, it does not have to be a portent of a bleak future. Evaluating the situation in the instant it occurs may not be the wisest choice. Though taking time later to give thought as to what was going on then, may have the significance needed giving the key to circumvent the situation. There are professionals available to help you obtain a complete overview of the “why’s” and “how’s” if assistance is needed. Finding a Sex-Therapist or Physician is as easy as turning on your computer.

We have come full circle and as we began, “There is always a little blue pill”.

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