Sexploration with Monika – SaferSexC, an Open Relationship, and Restraint as Art

Do you know how to kill the Hepatitis C virus? Hepatitus C is a virus that damages the liver and it is spread by many kinds of kinky play, rough sex, sharing razors or nail clippers. Most people who have Hep C don’t know they are infected because they don’t have symptoms, and HCV tests are not routine. You have to ask your doctor to get tested. Learn how to play safely and avoid getting Hep C from Leather Daddy Boy & HepC/HIV outreach activist Jorge Vieto, of the Stop AIDS Project. We talk about public health & HIV Hepatitis Outreach and why it’s so important that everyone get tested and get educated so you can reduce your risk. Jorge does testing in tattoo shops in the Castro, and he tells us why he likes piercing as a kind of erotic sensation play. We also talk about how much tougher the Hep C virus is to kill than the HIV virus (bleach doesn’t always work – but we talk about what does kill Hep C). Jorge will tell us a really shocking way people can get exposed to Hep C without even realizing it! Then we will talk about how to open your marriage in a safe way with Andrew Sullivan. “Open Invitation: A Real Swinger’s Party” is an adult film that is an invitation to the viewer to fulfill their own fantasies! Plus, kink star Maxine Holloway of the Femina Potens art gallery will tell us about the “Art of Restraint.” You can also check out for more information on preventing the spread of Hepatitis C in the Kink Community.

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