Living Love Revolution – “Integration of the Divine Masculine” Part 2

This special episode of Living Love Revolution is “Integrating the Divine Masculine: Celebration, Creation & Community”. This podcast was recorded as one in a series of 5 salons on the topic of Sacred Sexuality. Reverend Teri Ciacchi & co-host Tai Kulystin invited special guests: David Cates, Lance DeMuth, Julie Hekate and Stian Kulystin, who are embodiment practitioners, teachers of Tantra and Esoteric Magicks and leaders in the sex-positive, queer and kink communities of Seattle, WA.

How do we speak about the divine masculine? We’re trying to find a form of masculinity that we can live with, that we can put in the center of our lives and celebrate. We are struggling to birth a new masculinity, a masculinity without patriarchy, and by creating a divine masculinity egregore and embracing the divine masculine we can encourage expressions of masculinity that are not fractured or toxic.

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