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The wisdom of my long time friend, Shaman Hawk was elicited to help comprehend some of the nuances to all of this. Before continuing, let’s clarify that the word, magick” (sometimes spelled magik) is not an error; in actuality it is a word accepted within the Pagan vernacular as a way of differentiating a slight of hand to a reference of real Magick.
Frequently people think of Sex Magick as something that has been fabricated, because too often the idea of magick seems more like a non-reality. Yet Magick and Sex Magick have been with us for as long as humans have been here; we have always had the ability to summon and use our energy. Just the mere idea of taking all that concentrated sexual energy and directing it for an outcome greater than an orgasm may be a new turn-on for some.

What is Shamanism?
Shamanism is the world’s first and, oldest religion. All peoples had someone who was a deeper thinker, who put together the pieces of the physical and spiritual world. There are three kinds of Shamans:
The New Age Shaman that took a course, sent in two box tops of his favorite cereal with ten       bucks and POOF, he was a Shaman.

The Tribal Shaman who went through an apprenticeship with his tribe to become a Shaman. These Shamans will differ from region to region in practices and beliefs.

Then there is the Classical Shaman. This one started off as a Tribal Shaman but
realized that the real journey of the Shaman is to always evolve.
The very first Shamans were the spearheads of spiritual evolution and have evolved from the bone rattles and chants to the equations of physics and science.

How does one become a Shaman?
To be a real Shaman one must serve a proper apprenticeship under a proven and competent teacher who is also a Shaman. A normal apprenticeship is 8-10 years in a day to day teaching environment. You live the apprenticeship.

And for those that would ask, “Is magick real?”
Magick is very real but let’s look at it in the classical Shaman’s view where magick is a practice of manipulating energy. Magick will fall under many categories depending on the intent of the magick, location, energy source, cultural background, language, etc. Each of these circumstances will come with different laws of physics and application, requiring familiarity to be accurate and safe in the goals expected.

Would magick be a common practice of the typical Shaman?
If we, are referring to magick as the intended manipulation of energy for a desired goal then yes, it would be every day.

Then let’s get to what everyone is waiting for, “What is Sex Magick?”
Sex Magick is an area where only people who are very secure in their sexuality should go. We must look at the purpose of sex to appreciate the magnitude of power available for manifestation. Between one man and one woman, two cells get together and start to form an entire human being that will be born, continue to grow and make constant imprints on the world and society until it dies, and possibly longer. This is never taken seriously enough nor the fact that by that same example, the Sex Magick efforts can either go into a great manifestation that continues to grow and benefit multitudes of people after the initial ceremony; or it can turn into something that spreads a horrendous effect that lingers. Most of the people who practice Sex Magick don’t know what they are doing and have enough emotional hang ups to keep them from being too effective one way or another.

How is it that a Shaman would come to be trained in Sex Magick?
Sex Magick is the most powerful source for manifestation so it would be quite normal to be trained in it. My instructors were women who participated with me in ritual. Like anything, you have to be immersed in it, to understand it.

For a novice who wants to practice, what route/discipline would be best to follow?
Novices shouldn’t participate at all, unless part of an established program or setting with proven and proficient people. Too much can go too wrong. Any and all insecurities can manifest in part or as a whole as a result of the Sex Magick. This is why the ancient cultures kept this away from the masses and only taught it as advanced study. You have to know the basics of how everyday magick works, and by that I mean you have to be able to explain the mechanics of your “spell” in detail before you do Sex Magick. You need to know the circuitry of the energy involved and the complete course it will flow. I teach introduction to Sex Magick as an exploration workshop. This helps people understand the magnitude of this arena and how they fit in.

If Sex Magick is practiced by more than a couple of people at one time, would it not be considered an orgy more so than any sort of spiritual/religious practice?
People involved in Sex Magick, like all magick, are like batteries for a ceremony’s power source. Depending on the schematic of the ceremony these people can increase the power source for a quick surge or have a deeper power source for a longer termed effect. People who think that a higher number of participants in the ceremony would diminish the spirituality of the magick shouldn’t be doing it. That perception will be manifested into the result of their efforts for all involved, as will any guilt, insecurities, agendas, and fears. Sex Magick is a field where the virtue of complete thought couldn’t be more important.

Any final thoughts?
Most of the people in our culture are not ready for Sex Magick. Way too many hang ups and hypocrisy. Going to a nude beach is over the top for most people. To think people who can’t go to a nude beach, or be naked in a Sex Magick class are ready for Sex Magick itself is ridiculous. The groups I have worked with were not from the average American upbringing. I have helped many people from this culture get to a point where they were proficient. The key is to look at it for what it is; a formulated application to utilize your life signature energies to manifest your will. It’s about honesty, self acceptance and personal security. It’s about being able to fully “love” and be in the moment of ceremony without insecurities. It’s about dropping the programming that your culture put on you about sex; the hows, whens, whys, dos and don’ts.

Sex Magick is about being a real practitioner of real magick.

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