Living Love Revolution – Mycelium, Bees and Stardust: Looking to Nature for our Humanity

In this episode of Living Love Revolution, Reverend Teri Dianne Ciacchi leads a group discussion about mycelium, bees and stardust: looking to nature for our humanity. Learning how to live in a time when the survival of other species is determined by human behaviors rather than by naturally occurring processes on the Earth is a huge responsibility. How do we create daily spiritual practices that anchor and sustain us, while simultaneously honoring the Earth and other species? Perhaps the time for “figuring it all out” and “coming up with a plan” is over. Perhaps the answers to our current problems do not lie in the realm of rational human thought, but in other behavioral models that already exist in nature. Mycelium, bees and stardust have ways of being that could strongly and usefully change human social patterns and community design. Teri leads a set of exercises and meditations that allow the participants to merge with these beings in order to call forth a group solution to our common situation.

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