Mperfect – “Stop giving me the stink eye! “Sex and Attitude”

I’m not a morning person.
Everyone knows unless you are bleeding don’t call me until after 10a.

And before you say it… . Yes, that is a bad attitude, but kids that is Miss Toy.

Who are you?
What is your attitude like??

Miss Toy and Ellen Rathbone take on the great debate of sex, disability and attitude.

Ellen Nicolas Rathbone, best selling author and the first trademarked Sensuality Consultant™, is also an empathic intuitive. Since 1983 she has owned a pleasure party company called Your Pleasure Inc. In 2008 she created her #1 rated website that attracts traffic from around the world. In 2010 her first book, Loving Sex: Every Woman’s Guide to Sensual Sexuality was published by Down There Press, and in June 2012 it became a best seller in Amazon’s sexuality category. It is her expertise, candid advice and unbridled enthusiasm for sexual pleasure that have kept her in the business of erotica for 32 years. Unlike her competitors, Ellen only endorses what she has experiential knowledge of. If it works for her, it can work for you as well. Check her out at and

Listen, like I said we can do this the easy way or the hard way?

I kinda like it when certain things are hard. Let’s not argue Mperfect is on.

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