Sexploration with Monika – Interview with a (man who wants to be a real) Fox!

You probably know someone who dresses up as a kitty for Halloween, or maybe you’ve worn ears and a tail once or twice… Can you imagine wanting to be an animal for real? Meet Smash, dressed head-to-toe in a red latex fox suit at the supperclub bondage dinner. Smash even has rubber paws, and yips when you say hello. All he wants in the world is to be a collared pet, and Mistress Elisa, is glad to feed him in a dog bowl, hold his leash, and wait-till-you-hear more. He wants to be an animal FOR REAL, and would even get surgery if he could. This is called “species dysphoria,” and far from being the only person who says they have it, Smash has a whole pack of furry friends. These humanimals even have a special event, a hunt. Imagine giving up human language and thought, so all you have to worry about is eating, sleeping… and sex! Would you want to be (or have) a “living sex toy,” as Elisa calls Smash? Apparently, as she says, foxes are “notoriously slutty.” Let’s explore the inner life of Smash, a human fox, and his loving partner, Mistress Elisa. Themes include an animal environmentalism or ecosexuality, animal head space as a way to access the mental space of meditation (utter presence in the moment), and being wildly shame-free. Elisa and her fox discuss why their play is definitely not bestiality, the different mental “fursonas” Smash indulges in, and the unique perspective one develops on the noisy human world through the eyes, ears, and soul of an animal.

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