Mperfect – “I will survive, Hit the Road Jack, and Love’s a Battlefield”. “Sex, and Divorce”

Didn’t you love these songs?
The simple lyrics and a catchy chorus helped make them instant classics.

But, then you realize what the song is really about.

They are talking about separation, heartbreak and ultimately divorce.

It’s hard to get that perfect mix. No matter if it’s in a song or a marriage.
Somethings that should go together really don’t.

Miss Toy and Cindy Holbrook have their Mp3 players on and ready .

Cindy Holbrook, is a certified divorce life coach. She has been coaching divorced women for 20 years; Helping them to deal with their emotions, raise children, find jobs, become self sufficient, dating after divorce, remarriage, gain self confidence and create the life of their dreams. Cindy divorced after a 20 year emotionally abusive marriage.

Cindy has had her own coaching practice since 2009. She has found that many women are suffering from divorce and that there is little support to be found. It seems that people seem to dismiss the pain of those going through a divorce. They will say things like “good riddance” and “you are better off without him.” The truth is that you must go through a grieving process to accept the loss of your relationship as well as the hopes and dreams that you had for it. It is only then that you can stand on your own two feet and create a happy and fulfilling life.

You can reach Cindy Holbrook at

So, how would the most interesting man in the world leave his lover?

“Pssst, he wouldn’t. The lover would leave him. But, don’t forget to listen to Mperfect.”

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