Mperfect – “Wait, oh, you said sppiiirrritttt in the sky”. “Sex, Disability, and Religion”

Didn’t you love that song… by Mr. Greenbaum?
The simple lyrics and that amazin’ guitar helped make that song an instant classic.

But, then you hear the back up singers.

They sound like a group of witches tryin’ to turn a cackle into singing.

It’s hard to get that perfect mix.
Somethings that should go together only seem more strange when put next to each other.

Miss Toy and Anne Preciado Rich decide to have a lil’ church today.

Anne Preciado Rich has spent the last 30 years or so investigating the deeper, weirder nature of human existence.Although she was born and raised in Los Angeles’ San Fernando Valley, in the mid-1970s she moved to the north San Francisco Bay area to enroll in the Psychology program at Sonoma State University. However, having found a much more interesting education in the local nightclubs and bars, she never finished her first semester. Instead she found work as a seamstress, fitness instructor, cocktail waitress, bartender and radio disc jockey before she at last returned to SSU to obtain a BA in Psychology with a minor in Marketing.Aside from working as an administrative assistant in Admissions & Records and the Biology Department, she received her Master’s degree in Psychology, taught psychology classes for a few years, and laid the foundation for this book and two others.Check her out at :

Clap your hands and say Amen.

“Pssst, what time is the prayer meeting? I wanna listen to Mperfect.”

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