Plan Be – Living Plan BE – Chapter I

This is the first regular show after the introduction show where we met radio host and author of Plan BE Secrets of the Divine Feminine- Terry Hinkle.

In Living Plan BE – Chapter 1, Terry has a very fun, frank and interesting talk with author, educator, councilor, friend, and fellow radio host Veronica Monet.

Veronica hosts the very popular radio show; The Shame Free Zone, right here on Sex Talk Radio Network. She is one of the most fascinating and passionate women to talk with and Terry and Veronica always have a great time when they get together. You never know what is going to come from one of their conversations, and this one will not disappoint you.

Terry and Veronica share with you their ideas about sexual empowerment, masturbation, confusing sexual morals in today’s society, plus their concerns about the way organized religion works so hard to keep all of us in fear of our sacred sexuality… plus so much more. And, they always manage to have fun along the way.

In the weeks and months to come, Terry will be talking with more of the important authors and teachers in the world today plus enlightened women just like you about how to co-create Plan BE – the plan to help you live the most fun, healthy, exciting and prosperous life you can imagine.

“Only when you know the real you
are you able to see the real world
and then create a real difference.”


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