Mperfect – “Normal??” “Sex, Disability, and the Sexless Marriage”

I asked my BF a question.
What would you call a sexless marriage?

Anybody….? Audience we wanna hear from you.

We will get to his answer in a minute.

Listen, are you a creature of habit?
I mean is it Monday meatloaf, and then Tuesday martini’s?

But……. .

What if it’s depression, quadriplegia, or HOH everyday? Where does sex figure in?
What if “no sex” is the disability?
Can a relationship survive?
What if you are disabled?

Miss Toy and Lora Anderson **The Sexy Wife Coach** are having a real heart to heart.

Lora Anderson is a Life Strategies Coach, aka ‘The Sexy Wife Coach’, and she loves getting to know and working with positive, professional men & women who are open to change and wanting to continuously improve their lives to create an authentic life that they love! I am currently working on my ‘demons’ to be a better Life Coach…losing the extra weight, facing my fear of falling/heights and working on my love life. I am constantly working to improve myself and I LOVE helping people to conquer their fears, come out of their boxes, create their dreams and live authentic lives that they love!!

Lora, specializes in sex & intimacy and can help you get your sex appeal & mojo back. She can also work with you and/or your partner to improve your communication & get the love and attention that you want. The Sexy Wife Coach works with men, women & teens.These sessions can include many issues ranging from career & life transitions like divorce, a move, or job change, addiction, domestic violence, overcoming fears, overcoming obstacles, grief, and family issues.

Lora wants to help you achieve the goals in your life.

Normal. We were looking for normal as the answer to our question of the day.

“Audience, cast your vote. Mperfect is on the ballot.”

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