Hack Your Orgasm

Did you know you can hack your own nervous system? Build new sexual sensations wherever you want them? How do you do that? We’re also going to find out if you can really get an erection or have an orgasm in an unusual place — like the underneath of your eyelid! You have erectile tissue in a LOT more places than you think. You can have a full-body orgasm! Join me live today with pleasure-researchers & educators Francoise Devresse & Ginger Testerman of the Welcomed Consensus. We’ll also discuss their meditation practice of “Deliberate Orgasm,” aka the “60-Minute Orgasm.” This episode of Sexploration with Monika was recorded live on Facebook Live at 4:30pm Pacific time, May 7th, 2017. You can watch it on the Sex Talk Radio Network Facebook page!


the Welcomed Consensus  https://www.welcomed.com/


watch it https://www.facebook.com/monika.thomas/videos/10155238167115917/?hc_ref=PAGES_TIMELINE


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