Empowered Relationships – Weighting on Love


Are the extra pounds you’ve gained since you’re in your relationship getting in the way of your relationship? Feeling judged and/or unloved? What might seem like a small issue can … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – The Positive “F” Word: Forgive

It’s hard to get through life without bumps and bruises. But you don’t have to hold on to them … there is forgiveness. Many folks don’t really understand what forgiveness … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – The Language of Touch

We so often believe that you’ve got to tell someone you love them. It turns out that your touch says a great deal to your mate! Clinical social worker and … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – The Festering of Resentment

Once the “love goggles” come off, all too often, feelings of resentment start to creep in. You’re often not even aware of that feeling – or not willing to admit … [Listen Now...]