Laughing Through Life with Esther – The Barefoot Doctor

Esther Austin interviews world renowned teacher of consciousness, The Barefoot Doctor. In this down to earth interview, amidst lots of joviality, The Barefoot Doctor talks about the TAO, an ancient … [Listen Now...]

Laughing Through Life with Esther – Find Your Inner Goddess- Esther chats with Mike Lousada

Esther Austin interviews Sacred Sexual Healer Mike Lousada of who combines shamanic, energy and tantric work to help female clients to reconnect with their Inner Goddess by healing sexual … [Listen Now...]

Laughing Through Life with Esther – Geir Ness, Founder of Laila, talks with Esther

Geir Ness inspires us with his story of how he persevered to bring his company and product, Laila to market. Inspired by his mother, his determination and passion contributed to … [Listen Now...]

Laughing Through Life with Esther – Join Esther at the European Spiritual Film Festival with Kengo Kurimoto

Kengo Kurimoto, Director of Yoga, Noga, Reyoga talks with Esther about his award-winning film. This animated feature enables us to look at ego and arrogance within our lives. Two young … [Listen Now...]