Mperfect – “Normal??” “Sex, Disability, and the Sexless Marriage”

I asked my BF a question. What would you call a sexless marriage? Anybody….? Audience we wanna hear from you. We will get to his answer in a minute. Listen, are you a creature of habit? I mean is it Monday meatloaf, and then Tuesday martini’s? But……. . What if it’s depression, quadriplegia, or HOH […]

Mperfect – Miss Toy and Dr. Erica Goodstoone decides to stop worrying and learn to love the bomb

Dr. Erica Goodstone is a RELATIONSHIP HEALER helping men and women, individuals and couples, gay and straight heal their relationships through Love. She is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor, Licensed Marriage Therapist, Board Certified Sex Therapist, Body Psychotherapist, and Personal/Life and Health/Wellness Coach. With over two decades of experience with thousands of individuals and couples, […]

Mperfect – “Wait, oh, you said sppiiirrritttt in the sky”. “Sex, Disability, and Religion”

Didn’t you love that song… by Mr. Greenbaum? The simple lyrics and that amazin’ guitar helped make that song an instant classic. But, then you hear the back up singers. They sound like a group of witches tryin’ to turn a cackle into singing. It’s hard to get that perfect mix. Somethings that should go […]

Mperfect – “I will survive, Hit the Road Jack, and Love’s a Battlefield”. “Sex, and Divorce”

Didn’t you love these songs? The simple lyrics and a catchy chorus helped make them instant classics. But, then you realize what the song is really about. They are talking about separation, heartbreak and ultimately divorce. It’s hard to get that perfect mix. No matter if it’s in a song or a marriage. Somethings that […]