Billi Caine on Porn – Female Porn Performers Part 1


In this weeks show, Billi explains some of the pressures female porn performers are under and how truly challenging it is for them to bring us modern day porn.

Billi Caine on Porn – “The Siamese Twin Relationship Between Successful Porn Directors and Escalating Porn Addicts”

In this weeks show, Billi discusses the relationship between successful porn directors and escalating porn addicts and how they have a Siamese twin relationship – using the directors of Evil … [Listen Now...]

Billi Caine on Porn – A Brief History of the Business Side of Modern Day Pornography


Billi charts the history of modern day pornography from Hugh Hefner’s Playboy to 21st Century hardcore Internet porn. Within that process, we begin to understand why porn producers have been … [Listen Now...]

Empowered Relationships – It’s Not in Your Head … It’s in Your Hormones!


Do you suffer from symptoms that your doctors diagnose as nothing physically wrong? Yet … you know something’s not right! You also know that it’s not all in your head. … [Listen Now...]