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Safe, Sane and Concensual!

Safe sex is a bit of a misnomer.

Sex educators are careful never to say safe sex – instead we refer to it as safer sex because all sex carries some level of risk. Your objective should be to minimize that risk to a point which satisfies your particular comfort level. For some people this will entail absolutely no sharing of bodily fluids under any circumstances. But for many, taking precautions by utilizing latex barriers unless engaged in a long-term relationship will suffice. You decide what works for you. In the interest of formulating your own safer sex standards, be sure to explore the many latex barriers which exist as well as the uses to which they can be put. Latex barriers include condoms, gloves, finger cots, dental dams and the female condom. If you have an allergic reaction to latex, be sure to substitute with vinyl versions of these barriers.Sa

The Sane aspect of Safe, Sane and Consensual refers to the importance of being fully present when choosing to indulge in sexual behavior. Use of mind-altering substances can seriously inhibit your ability to make choices which are in line with your value system. While you may find one drink to be a social lubricant and even something of an aphrodisiac, being inebriated is a sure way to compromise your sexual performance, limit your ability to enjoy sex and lead to feelings of regret and remorse once you sober up. Marijuana and other drugs can also have a deleterious effect on the ability of both body and mind to engage fully with the sexual experience. Sane sex which is unencumbered by mind-altering substances, enables you to enjoy sex with wild abandon while maintaining your value system, protecting your health and engaging in behaviors which you will find delightful and enlarging to recall and relive long after the sexual encounter.

Consensual sex is the only sex which is legal. It is important that you and your sexual partner(s) possess full command of your mental faculties at the time you agree to engage in sex. If an individual is inebriated, they are less able to give consent. If you or your partner(s) suffer from a mental handicap, consent might come into question. Never use force, threats or manipulation to compel another person to engage in sexual behavior. And if there is any question whether a prospective partner may be of legal age to give their consent for sex, be sure to verify they are a legal adult in the state you are in at the time by checking state laws as well as their ID.

Other concepts you may wish to explore include setting limits, asserting boundaries, practicing honesty and transparency. Depending upon your sexual interests, you may also want to learn more about safe words during kinky play and well as the specific techniques which are employed in various sexual behaviors. Remember sex is a lifelong journey and ideally, we never stop learning, so stay tuned to Sex Talk Radio Network for a variety of sexual insights and sensual exercises designed to provide you with an optimum educational and entertainment experience.