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Show Details HostAwkward Intercourse is a safe space to explore human sexuality. Mysnikol speaks with professionals, friends and you about the topics general considered taboo, inappropriate and sometimes awkward. Whether you are considering celibacy, polyamory or exploring sacred sexual healing Awkward Intercourse offers you the chance to participant in frank discussions intended to allow you to find your Truth.



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Awkward Intercourse – Mysnikol’s Story Part 1

This charter episode highlights the journey of Mysnikol as she learns to embrace her authentic Self. She shares with us her story of discovery, awareness and personal acceptance. Through her vulnerability her intention is to create a safe space where a nurturing community of those that desire to be more authentically expressed can gather, share and expand. Join Mysnikol as she talks about her childhood, losing her daughter and finding herself. Part one of two.

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Awkward Intercourse with Mysnikol

Mysnikol is a divinely inspired spiritual secular guide. She practices a form of spiritual-secularism or, secular-spiritualism, called Gnosynkineticism which promotes allowing personal Divine wisdom to take form through authentic personal expression. She believes each individual is an expression of the Divine and that authentic expression allows the Divine to be fully experienced. Through individual, couples and group practice Mysnikol allows her vessel to serve the greater good. Creating safe space, witnessing, guidance and activism are just a few ways she acknowledges her personal purpose and contributes to the Universal experience.

In 2008 Mysnikol was divinely inspired to leave her birth state to spend time in Arizona. She immediately connected with the study of sacred sexuality through meeting High Priestess Tracy Elise. Sister Tracy invited Mysnikol to participate in the grounding of the Phoenix Goddess Temple (PGT), located in Scottsdale, AZ. The PGT was established to be a tantra based temple providing opportunities for adults to explore Goddess based spiritual practices and philosophies. After a year in AZ Mysnikol was inspired to return to her birthplace, Saint Paul, MN, and ground a tantra based temple there. The temple, BLISS One Consciousness (BLISS), was established as a tantra inspired sacred sexuality teaching and training center. Offering individuals, couples and group sessions, BLISS (Beautiful, Loving, Intuitive, Self-sovereign, and Sensual) hosts local, national and internationally recognized practitioners, teachers and healers. Since being grounded in 2009, BLISS has established itself as a safe place for adults to connect with like-minded individuals seeking sexual, spiritual and social liberation within themselves and society.

Please join Mysnikol for Awkward Intercourse each week here on as she explores the conversations about sex that make most people blush. Utilizing her humor, compassion and sincere desire to help, Mysnikol intends to create a space where others may reclaim and express their True authentic voice.


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