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Conscious Sex ® – Women, The Sacred, Holy Grail ©2013

Michael Schuessler, an artist and author whose focus has been on sexuality and sensuality, looks at the world differently from the average male. It previously was my pleasure to converse with Michael on my radio show, Push & Pull at Midnight. As the radio show name suggests, we did push the envelope a bit. Michael was forthcoming in not only his opinions but his explorations. His book the “Holy G-rail” is a mini compendium of “how to” sex for a woman’s pleasure; as well, for men to enjoy the process. The objective being that both women and men may take their sex-lives to heights not previously imagined if the spiritual component is included. Hopefully after reading this sharing of information, more men and women will venture towards exploration and an approach that differs from the norm, though hinges on the divine. Michael was kind enough to answer many helpful questions for today’s endeavor. The “Holy g-rail” his book, is highly recommend as a great reference to return to over and over again. Michael’s art on the other hand has incredible movement, grace and form that immediately capture your imagination and attention holding you mesmerized. Michael’s belief that spirituality is everything in life is very similar to my own belief. His feeling is that to have spirituality is to be “alive” and when he wrote the Holy G-rail, his initial thoughts were to create a spiritual guide to sexuality. Throughout the book you find, Kabalistic (a form of Mysticism) hints that lead you to more spirituality and better relations, ultimately getting to that physical spot. Michael shares, that without an understanding of the self, physically, mentally and spiritually, the finer points of lovemaking would never be able to be experienced. He believes that all women truly embody the Holy G-rail. This philosophy stems from the core of his being, which he is confident is a reflection of the One-self (Source, God, Goddess, Buddha, Creator, etc). Most males seek out physical sensation at a young age, Michael was no exception. However, he found out quickly that if he took his time and experienced the beautiful person in front of him, each and every inch of that person, or even himself… he became intrigued and enchanted. He found that what he was feeling was love for them and him. Visually he saw beauty which transcended the physical, and when he added touch, his touch; his vision went deeper into the experience. Michael found that when he became ensconced in his belief system, all of his experience, the touch and sight expanded way beyond a physical realm, or even a spiritual one. This allowed him to see into life, rather than looking at life from a purely concrete reality. Michael’s attention was first upon his art, afterward this sensuality translated into writing. Everything he sees and does has a sense of stimulation within. So it was a natural progression to take and experience, a wonderful, passionate experience and he shares this in book form. This way others would be able to benefit. They would be able to be aware as he was, when it was shared with him. Similar to looking at a painting and enjoying the colors. He just took it a step further and made it a little easier for the viewer/reader to experience the creative act on a more personal level. An interesting thing to note is that Michael’s art has a very sensual and voluptuous nature about it; though it is not intentional, not at all. It just happens. His life is a series of creative acts, so when he paints, he allows the creative urge to flow through him and as a result it comes out very sensual in form. He believes it is because he is more focused in that area. Michael has a lovely lady in his life, Sherry. She graciously allowed some of her personal experience to become public knowledge. Sherry’s opinion about Michael’s writing and all the little intimate details is that she is 100% supportive. As Michael’s publicist, Sherry was able to place Michael on the Playboy radio program, before his book was even completed. Obviously there is great excitement and enthusiasm about not only the work, but the passion, sensitivity and inspiration. Sherry’s involvement acted as additional motivation for Michael to continue forward. Yet, as one might imagine it can be a little bit embarrassing for them both at times. Their belief is that they came together in this lifetime to continue their journey as healers. The most auspicious form for their teaching is by example and imbuing knowledge on the masses. Michael’s book Holly G-rail, has an unmistakable title, this was a part of his epiphany; the Holy G-rail is an acronym for G-spot, R- relating, A- anatomy, I- into, L- lovemaking. This coupled with his knowing that all women are indeed the Holy Grail, and the book emphasizes that we must treat the beautiful women within our lives as such. Part of the catalyst for Michael wanting exposing his personal findings in a book is based upon how very passionate of a couple he and Sherry are. As well as loving to keep their passion alive within the relationship. They watch videos, read books and experiment in the more sensuous ways of life. The experimentation was the true catalyst that compelled Michael to share their experiences within the pages of the Holy G-rail. After an attempt at doing something on related, indirectly Michael found and released Sherry’s G-spot for the first time; as Michael says, “A Wonderful Experience!” They decided to chronicle what came next and empower others with that information. He had found a simple way to relate male genitalia by touch and feel to the female genitalia in the G-spot. This gives an actual focal point for a man to give attention to. In addition to what a woman actually feels at the point of release. In the Holly G-rail, Michael mentions his lady and wanting to address her needs. Curiosity was quenched when Michael spoke about Sherry feeling the same as he, about the exploration. She is always willing to experiment and experience new and wonderful things when it comes to sexuality and passion. Michael wrote the book because his philosophy is that this “Is” the spice of life and if more people could communicate openly and experiencing some of their deep down fantasies with their partners, the World would be a calmer place. Many people would say it is all about the orgasm… Michael shares that the orgasm is simply the hook. To get there, lines of communication, patience, self-love and understanding are needed. Because without those basic paths, the individual will never experience any release at such a high level- no matter if their approach is physical, spiritual, or a combination of both. Michael has written many columns, has been on radio programs and overall has made himself very available to the public. One would wonder if this infringes upon his personal life, but no. He loves helping people experience new things. He feels that the only way to get this accomplished is to put him out there. He very clearly lets people know that his perspective is a purely personal one, he has no medical training. Michael comes from an overwhelming desire to create and channel through his creations, be they on canvas or the written word. As long as he can change one person’s life and make it better, he knows he has taken the first step to changing many lives. The gist of it all… Have phenomenal sex, yes! But even more profound, “Change the World!” It was an absolute pleasure interacting with Michael Schuessler. Please if you have any questions, contact Michael! As Always,

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Conscious Sex ® with Halley Élise

Halley Élise, B Div, C Ht

Spiritual Entrepreneur, Empowerment Psychic, Author, Motivational Trainer/Speaker and Media Personality

Halley’s sensitive and empathic nature along with her thirst for knowledge and life curiosity makes her an excellent candidate for sharing a program on sexuality and spirituality. Her voice commands attention and yet soothes you into a state of relaxation as you become an avid listener of the Conscious Sex™ radio show.

Halley is fluent In Many Subjects:
Universal Principles, Psychic Phenomena, Energy Practices, Hypnosis, Graphology and Divination. She attended Yeshiva, is an Ordained Non Denominational UB Minister, and is naturally Clairvoyant, Sentient and Intuitive. She is a Meditation Expert, Lecturer and Artist.

Halley has Certification in Divinity, Literacy, Clinical Hypnosis, Art, Psycho-Social issues and Jungian dream theory. She has conducted programs extensively at Nova, and other South Florida schools, such as Whispering Pines.

Halley has been a radio host, as well as frequently been a guest on radio and television, in addition to on stage. She has worked with FBI agents and police officers and while participating with a local Renaissance Festival, security would often come to Halley to locate missing children and she would do so successfully.

Halley has made a contribution to the book series Thank God I…© volume 2 (endorsed by Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul). Thank God I… is a faith, hope and encouragement compilation of stories that share insight into our ability to transform any situation. Halley Elise along with Dr Bernie Segal (Love, Medicine and Miracles) and many other authors may be found in volume 2.

Mysteries by Halley Élise
Established in 1995; a multifaceted spiritual and holistic practice. The practice uses several different modalities such as spiritual and intuitive guidance, readings, clinical hypnosis, energy balancing, breath-work, meditation, self- improvement and self-empowerment techniques. There are many programs and classes to choose from to help you grow, flourish and master your life.

Halley is the author and creator of numerous books, programs and audio found in bookstores and online.


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  • Conscious Sex ® – Women, The Sacred, Holly Grail ©2013 Michael Schuessler, an artist and author whose focus has been on sexuality and sensuality, looks at the world differently from the average male. It previously was my pleasure to converse with Michael on my radio show, Push & Pull at Midnight. As the radio show name suggests, we did push the envelope a bit. Michael ...
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