Forever Sex

Show Details HostTantra, Tantric Sex, Kama Sutra. Radical Relationships. Sexual healing. Do you know your Tantra from your Chakra? Are alternative relationships safe? What has sex be great, sacred, cosmic, Tantric or transformative? Can sex really heal you? What can make monogamy hot? Join ex-honeys, and currently provocative colleagues, award winning author Francesca Gentille, and Dzog Chen Buddhist, John Mariotti as they unlock the secrets of relationship in in which you get to have your cake & eat it too.

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Forever Sex with Francesca Gentillé And John Mariotti

John Mariotti & Francesca Gentille have been partners, fiancee’s, co-teachers, shamanic sexual healers, and dear friends.

Award winning co-author of “The Marriage of Sex & Spirit, raised in the Midwest, International Sacred Sexuality & Sexual Healing Coach, initiated shaman in 4 traditions, Francesca Gentille makes cutting edge concepts easy.
5th Degree Martial Artist, Dzog Chen Buddhist, Empowered Life & Fitness Coach, and Shamanic Sexuality Instructor, John Mariotti ignites the fire of transformation.
With lively conversation, depthful questions, and intriguing insights they will connect you to the authors, educators, therapists, and shamans that will have you manifest a love life you love.

Both personal & professional we “walk our talk.” Together and separately, we have raised children, recovered from sex & love addiction, been wealthy & impoverished, brought sexual healing to one another and work each day to become more conscious, fit, and compassionate.

We will share with you what is practical, road tested, and real based on personal experience, scientific evidence, and ancient traditions.


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