Greater Sex, Love And Intimacy

Show Details HostScott & Gabriele Catamas have been practicing and teaching the tools of GREATER SEX, LOVE & INTIMACY for over 25 years. Each episode of the show will provide fun, easy and practical ways to improve your life! Whether you are single, a couple, or “it’s complicated,” you will find specific answers to how to increase SEX, LOVE & INTIMACY in your life. Co-host Donny Regal and special guest teachers will also appear on the show, providing wisdom and inspiration. Life’s greatest moments are when we are fully enjoying connection! Learn how YOU can dramatically increase your experiences of SEX, LOVE & INTIMACY with this fun, dynamic program.

They have started taping shows, and the topics have included the use of “What Turns Women on”, “Tantra & Sacred Sexuality”, “Aphrodisiacs & Medicinal Support for Greater Love” and “How to Best Pleasure Yourself and Your Partner”.

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Greater Sex, Love And Intimacy – MEMORIES of GREATER SEX, LOVE & INTIMACY with Scott & Gabriele Catamas and Donny Regal

Meet Scott & Gabriele Catamas on the show and at - This first episode of our series was recorded 3 weeks before the shocking death of Gabriele Catamas. Gabriele's honest and vulnerable account of her sexual history is all the more touching given the circumstances. Scott & Donny also share deeply about their various experiences, including a very dynamic perspective about "The Meaning of Life". Specific tools and practices to increase passion, love and intimacy in our life are presented. This is a great way to meet three special souls! Also visit and for Free Videos of Greater Sex, Love & Intimacy:

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Greater Sex, Love And Intimacy with Scott and Gabriele Catamas and co-host Donny Regal

Scott Catamas has been actively involved with exploring communication and consciousness for his entire adult life. He is an EMMY award winning writer and producer, with a long list of credits. He has created hundreds of hours of television programming for HBO, FOX, NBC, UPN, SHOWTIME and national syndication. As the founder of TNRC PRODUCTIONS and The Educational Theater Company, Scott has reached millions of children & teenagers with programs that educate and enlighten. He co-created a successful performing arts camp at Jane Fonda’s ranch that ran for 11 years, and transformed the lives. During this period of time, Scott produced and wrote over 100 original stage and television productions on the issues that teens deal with; the television productions led to multiple EMMY awards & were broadcast on PBS.

Scott has been a pioneer and leader in the fields of Relationship, Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Compassionate Connection. He wrote and produced the popular feature film “MEN IN LOVE” in 1988. This groundbreaking movie dealt openly with Tantra and Sacred Sexuality. Scott traveled the world for 2 years showing the film on 3 continents. He has produced numerous videos and television shows about Tantra, Sacred Sexuality and Relationship Tools.

Scott was initially hired by the Center for Nonviolent Communication to produce a series of videos about this work. Over a 5 year period, Scott traveled with Marshall Rosenberg (the founder of NVC) and Robert Gonzales (the President of the Board of Directors). During this time, Scott learned directly from these two masters, while shooting over 100 hours of video and editing it into several products.

Scott started teaching in 2002, and has led hundreds of classes and workshops throughout the U.S. During this time, he has become a popular teacher and his events continue to expand. He has recently been invited to teach throughout Europe and Asia. He has privately coached over 200 singles, couples, families and small businesses. You can also download free introductory videos and worksheets by going to Scott’s web site at He has recently released three new DVDs of his teachings, also available on his web site.

Scott is happily married to his long time best friend Gabriele. They live in the Wine Country north of San Francisco with their two beloved dogs. Both travel extensively, professionally & personally.

Scott & Gabriele were among the first westerners to learn to give Deeksha (Oneness Blessings) when they were personal guests at the University of Oneness in India. They co-host a weekly radio show with free downloads of archives at www.UNITY.FM/Program/CompassionateCommunication.

Gabriele has traveled the world, exploring cutting edge practices of a spiritual and sacred sexual nature. She has been practicing WATSU and WATERDANCE for 20 years, and has guided over 1,000 people on tours of the United States. Her quiet wisdom perfectly complements Scott & they are popular co-facilitators.

Scott & Gabriele teach throughout the United States, Europe & Asia, and have co-hosted a popular radio show on the UNITY.FM network. They have coached hundreds of singles, couples & families, and changed the lives of many.

Donny Regal is a popular musician, record producer and teacher of Compassionate Communication. He has developed a unique understanding of “The Lover’s Language” and offers powerful ways to improve romantic relationships. Donny has worked with Scott for over 25 years, including creating the musical score for the popular feature film “MEN IN LOVE”. He is in a powerful sacred union with Heather Salmon, an internationally acclaimed Priestess and Goddess and they co-create a wide variety of events, classes, workshops and music/sound experiences.


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