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Show Details HostMare Simone invites you to explore the depths of sexual healing and wholeness on all levels: body, mind, heart and soul. Join her as she takes you into exciting, sensual events and interviews with transformational sex therapists, educators, surrogate partners, Daka / Dakini’s, love and intimacy coaches and consciousness leaders.

From ancient sacred treasures to breakthrough methods of the Western world, we’ll discuss how to live a healthy sexual life with empowering thoughts, purifying foods and powerful practices to stimulate your body and your brain… the largest sex organ of all.

You are welcome to submit your questions to be considered for free phone coaching by Mare and her guest sexperts on the air. Your identity will be kept anonymous for your privacy, unless otherwise requested by you.



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Healthy Sex Awareness – Healthy Sex Heals!

Sex is healing. Mare lists numerous health benefits attributed to sex in her blog. The longer you can relax in states of high pleasure, the more deeply the experience of loving pleasure penetrates to the core of your being.... Leaving you tingly and revitalized all over! Like taking a bath in love-light! Mare introduces modalities of sexual healing that open the floodgates to more pleasure. She discusses Tantra and Taoist teachings and the Masters: Mantak Chia and Charles Muir and their views of prolonged sex to keep men and women young, healthy and radiant. Cultivating pleasure and expanded full-body-orgasms can energize you and make you feel fabulous, from head to toe. Premature ejaculation is the #1 reason for divorce because of sexual incompatibility in the world today! Healthy sex resolves PE with simple yet powerful solutions that ensure both partners are fully satisfied and fulfilled. We'll discuss how to increase your orgasmic ability and expand your pleasure thresholds. There are many levels of pleasure that both men and women are capable of experiencing. More on these topics as the show unfolds...

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Healthy Sex Awareness with Mare Simone

Radio Talk Show Host Mare Simone is a Certified Tantra Educator and Certified Sex Surrogate, a profession she began exploring in the mid-80’s following a yearlong teacher training and initiation in Tantra Kriya Yoga, with Sunyata Saraswati and Bodhi Avinasha. She then went on to study advanced levels of sacred sexuality with world renowned Tantra teachers Charles and Caroline Muir at the Source School of Tantra.

She initially came into the world of sex health and advanced education after a self described life of feeling numb and shut down to sexual pleasure due to some personal challenges and violations in her 20’s That was before learning how to tap into the healing and powerful source of sexuality within. Now Mare is passionate about helping people get turned on and satisfied from the inside out, especially helping couples and women to understand the feminine sexual power.

Mare leads seminars and maintains an ongoing private practice with clients across the globe. She continues to co-facilitate seminars and work privately with students as an Advanced Certified Tantric Educator. She loves to travel, offering sessions worldwide, and dreams of creating a sexual healing and awareness institute in a country where such services are revered with high esteem offering significant value to society.

Mare trained and worked directly with Dr. Michael Perry MFCC and is a featured surrogate in his educational video, “Sexual Secrets – A Surrogates Guide to Great Sex”. She has appeared on HBO’s “Real Sex,” as well as The Playboy Channel, E!, British ITV, and in the popular video “Ancient Secrets, For Modern Lovers.” She appeared on “Strange-Sex” on the Discovery, TLC – The Learning Channel as The Bedroom Coach, working with a couple that she again worked with for a TV documentary soon to be released in Sweden.

As a pioneer of sexual love and intimacy, she is dedicated to helping enlighten the world in the empowering benefits of healthy sex and awareness. Mare lives in Southern California and travels the US and abroad. Please see her Tour Schedule to find out how you can work with Mare or sponsor her, to travel to you!


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