Show Details HostTime to give yourself permission to have whatever it is that you want … In relationships… In Love… In Sex. There are no rules, only guidelines based on what WORKS!

Call in and get Helena’s and her guest’s expert support for any and all of your questions and issues addressed, without judgment… Whether you consider yourself more traditional, or exploring alternative lovenlife styles, or kinky! Helena’s approach is based on her passion for compassion, adventure, self-empowerment and FUN! Lets find a way to make it WORK for you!



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Indulgence – Impact of Sexual Abuse

Helena shares the studio with John Tierney, sexual abuse survivor with a Priestly twist. They intimately explore his life adventure in recovery. What is the impact of Sexual Abuse? How did the Catholic Church respond? John shares his new outreach program for Abuse Survivors

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Indulgence with Shama Helena

Helena, a Life, Love and Sex Coach/Educator is a dynamic force in the Los Angeles community. As a lecturer, writer and media personality, she has brought a renewed sense of potential for a better life and world to all those she touches.

Helena teaches powerful workshops on Love, Sex, and Life skills and also offers private sessions with individuals, couples, and people in alternative lifestyles, as a Love-n-Life coach to empower, re-balance, and provide tools that will enable, enhance and energize their lives to live more consciously, compassionately, and cooperatively within themselves and with others.

Her approach begins with compassion and acceptance, because you are perfect as you are! The best way for every aspect of your life to work better is to discover who you really are, what you really want, and how to better align with YOU despite all of the rules and laws and traditions you have been taught. Helena digs deep to help you re-discover your essence and restore your relationship with you and your connection to the rest of creation.

Life is all about relationships to self, others and your world. Helena will focus with you on what is working and not working in those relationships to expand your awareness and attune to your inner guidance offering support, tools and guidance to better align with yourself and your best life NOW.. You are the nexus point of your own, personal experience of life, and any changes you want must begin from within. From that understanding of personal responsibility, she will help you to consciously sculpt your thoughts, attitude, beliefs, in your approach to life, empowered to be the Source of change in our lives.

Helena offers over 15 years of experience as a hypnotherapist and chemical dependency counselor. She is also trained in Tantra, shamanic psychology and various healing techniques in energy, somatic and bodywork. As an author, educator, group facilitator, and counselor, she specializes in sexual, chemical, and self-esteem issues. Find out more about Helena’s work, sessions and events at

With her intention to bring the spirit of Love more fully into the world, she has created a production company to make this wisdom available through audio and video projects, and television shows on her work and that of others who are focused on conscious transformation, personal growth, and planetary harmony. Check out her powerful web-mag at


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