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Show Details HostEsther Austin, UK Spiritual and Personal Transformation Radio Presenter brings you the latest news, views and trends from the Personal Development and Spiritual arena. She is passionate about empowering individuals with information that promises to transform lives, inspiring individuals to lead their best life ever and reach their full potential.
Her show has everything to motivate, inspire, entertain and educate you. She not only conducts her interviews in style but also with a lot of laughter – learning is more fun when you laugh. So tune in and listen to interviews she has conducted with many individuals from the Self-Development world and members from the global community who have inspired her and who she hopes will inspire you to.



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Laughing Through Life with Esther – The 12 Keys to Intimacy?

So you Thought Intimacy was all about Sex? Think again – There are 12 Keys to Intimacy says Lillian Ogbogoh. This week on the Laughing through Life with me Show, Esther speaks to the Goddess Queen, one of the UK’s Sassiest and Sexist Goddesses Lillian Ogbogoh who shares Keys 1 and 2 from her own 12 Keys to Intimacy. Bet you thought being intimate was a quick kiss, cuddle and a bit of smoothing, well you're wrong. There's so much more to make your love life a bouquet of strawberries and cream. This is the first part in a series of talks Esther will be having with Lillian.

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Laughing Through Life with Esther

Esther Austin is an Author, Soul Coach, Workshop Facilitator, Freelance Journalist, International Inspirational Speaker, Teacher, Personal Development Consultant, Talk Show Host, Spiritual Healer, Website Builder and Indian Head Masseur. Esther is passionate about and has a love of motivating and empowering individuals. Her remit is empowerment and spirituality.

Esther Austin is in her mid forties and has two boys aged 15 and 18. She was brought up in London, and is of Barbadian parentage. Her hobbies are spending time with her children, visiting the theatre, writing, reading, eating out, travelling, walking, cycling, listening to music, studying, the outdoors and immersing herself in anything spiritual and inspirational.


In June 2005, Esther gave up her job to pursue a new career in the personal development field and to follow her dreams. Between August 2005 and November 2006, she looked after her younger sister, who passed from Breast Cancer in November 2006. It is through this experience and other very challenging and painful life experiences that has empowered Esther to do the work she does which is to serve humanity through inspiring, touching, healing, supporting and empowering.

In April 2008 Esther became self-employed. Esther’s ethos is to serve humanity operating from a platform of honesty, integrity and from the intention of love. She is a multi-talented, ambitious and passionate individual.

The umbrella website for everything Esther has created is

In April 2009 Esther set up Qarma Broadcast which is an online inspirational and spiritual radio station where knowledge can be shared to help to empower people’s lives. Qarma Therapies is the health and healing arm of Qarma Broadcast.

Esther has an online inspirational blog and also runs a comedy website as laughter is part of life’s healing process

Esther also has a sensual alias, Gabriella King, which is about sensual empowerment. This is another passion of Esther’s to reach out to the community to inspire sensual knowledge. Sensuality is a huge part of who we are as individuals, yet it is still seen as taboo and dirty. Sensual empowerment liberates us from our fears, fears of our bodies, of openly and verbally expressing ourselves, empowers us to realise that passion and desire are healthy attributes and that to love oneself and body is actually ok. Gabriella King has produced a book called ‘Everotica’ which is a book of 30 odd poems about love and sensuality, a CD called ‘Love in Motion’ and a range of sensual cards. These can be viewed on


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