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TheWholeMediaGroup.com HostVagipreneurs Mary Wallace Jaensch and Rachel Braun Scherl talk about sex. Mary and Rachel have spent decades speaking to women and learning about what matters to them. As the co-founders of Semprae Laboratories, Inc., a company by women and for women, they are at the cutting edge of what is on the minds of women and female sexual health professionals. Join them every week as they focus on a hot topic.



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Let’s Talk About Sex – Danica Patrick, NASCAR and Female Sexuality

Rachel Braun Scherl, Vagipreneur, talks about Danica Patrick's breakthrough racing win at NASCAR and what it means to her for female racing fans. Danica Patrick set racing on fire this weekend, inspiring young girls and sports fans everywhere. So should we all run to NASCAR and support them? Should we join the ranks of the 41% of women who are flocking to races and TV broadcasts of the races? Not so fast, says Ms. Braun Scherl, at least not for her - not until ESPN and FOX and other NASCAR partners show female sexual satisfaction products their due the same way it broadcasted over 3500 ads for male sexual satisfaction.

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Let’s Talk About Sex with Rachel Braun Scherl and Mary Wallace Jaensch

Mary Wallace Jaensch, CEO and Co-Founder, Semprae Laboratories, Inc.
As CEO, Mary is applying her proven experience growing brands to create a company that provides essential sexual satisfaction and health products and services to women.

Mary has been building successful consumer brands for over 25 years. Upon earning her MBA from the Yale School of Management, she joined Richardson-Vicks, where she managed high profile brands such as NyQuil and Olay. As Director of Marketing for Olay at Procter & Gamble (following its acquisition of Richardson-Vicks), she was instrumental in accelerating the brand’s growth with breakthrough advertising and new business-building strategies.

In 1989, Mary started working with Delta Consulting, providing strategy and marketing consulting. With Delta, she expanded beyond her expertise in personal care products, working with clients in the financial and insurance sectors. Later, as Principal and Owner of The Demeter Group, she helped drive the growth of global consumer brands for Johnson & Johnson, Shiseido, Häagen-Dazs and Dannon.

Rachel Braun Scherl, President and Co-Founder, Semprae Laboratories, Inc.
As President, Rachel is building on her track record of success, developing teams committed to creating a company that provides essential sexual satisfaction and health products and services to women.

A seasoned executive, Rachel has focused on driving growth through innovation, building Fortune 500 brands, revitalizing stagnant brands, and creating opportunities for 20 years. Upon graduating from Stanford University Graduate School of Business in 1992, Rachel joined Johnson & Johnson’s McNeil Consumer Healthcare division (now McNeil Consumer and Specialty Pharmaceuticals), where she worked with a core team to manage the company’s flagship Tylenol® brand.

Rachel continued her relationship with Johnson & Johnson as a principal with the consulting firm Marketing Corporation of America. She took a leadership role in identifying and building growth opportunities for global OTC, pharmaceutical and consumer products leaders within the Johnson & Johnson family of companies, as well as for other market leaders such as American Express and Disney.

In 1998, Mary and Rachel joined forces to co-found The Jannick Group, LLC/SPARK Solutions for Growth. Over more than a decade, the firm provided strategy and marketing guidance and expertise to Fortune 100 firms, including multiple divisions and operating companies of Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth

In the latest chapter of its two principals’ 14-year partnership, The Jannick Group teamed with Quaker BioVentures in 2008 to create Semprae Laboratories, Inc. and focus on developing and marketing women’s sexual health products. Mary and Rachel have been working to make the world safe for female satisfaction ever since.


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