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Show Details HostTeri Ciacchi: Reverend of Living Love Revolution, “Smarty Pants Sexologist”, Aphrodite Temple High Priestess, Professional Polyamorist, Love Council Seattle co-founder, Sex Positive Activist, and self- confessed “Clitorist” talks about her life and loves. In this series you will find honest and authentic communication about the difficulties we experience as we integrate our spirituality, our sexuality and our search for love. The truth about Love and Sex is that they are simultaneously beautiful, terrifying and compelling. Our socialization does little to prepare us for the transformational processes that occur when we are intimate with other beings. All humans can learn to love themselves, intentionally create intimacy and come to know sex as sacred and healthy. Let’s learn how to love, listen and treat each other and our planet with respect and reverence. Listen to Reverend Ciacchi’s various talks, interviews and workshops in which she shares what she has learned about love, sex and spirit.


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Living Love Revolution – Aphrodite Temple

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi talks with Stephanie Martin about Aphrodite Temple, a group sacred sexual healing event held several times a year in Portland, Oregon.

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Living Love Revolution with Teri Ciacchi

Reverend Teri D. Ciacchi MSW is Living Love Revolutionary! whose primary focus is generating self-love and acceptance as a means to connecting with Immanence in all life forms. Currently her most popular classes are: Clitoral Revelations, Vulvic Explorations, Life at the Center of the Yoniverse, Owning Desire, Polyamory as a Spiritual Path, The Uses of Public Sex, The Ecology of Relationships and Flirting: Get What You Want!

Topics of her work include: Body Positivism and Self-Love, Sexual Healing and Empowerment, Anti-Oppression Activism, Sacred Sexuality, Polyamory and Clitoral Anatomy. She has been creating sex-positive culture & role modeling ethical non-monogamy in the Pacific Northwest since 1997.

Reverend Ciacchi’s spiritual healing practice focuses on serving members of alternative communities who may not otherwise receive fair, intelligent and compassionate services. Her teaching techniques have been gathered from American Tantra as practiced by Margo Anand, Julia Henderson, the Human Awareness Institute, the works of Gay and Kathleen Hendricks, and her direct work with her spiritual mentors Amara Karuna, Leon Reed, Pat “Redwing” Ray and Reginald Ray.

Teri is an internationally known sex educator and has taught and/or performed at the following venues in the last 10 years: Center for Sex Positive Culture 2002-2010, Network for a New Culture SummerCamp 2000-2005, ErosFest NorthWest 2009, Seattle Erotic Arts Festival 2005-2010, Victoria’s First Annual Erotic Art & Film Festival 2006, The Wildside in Amsterdam, Holland 2006, The Sharma Center 2009-2010. She provided a voiceover to the Today show about her Flirting Workshops in 2006, has done radio and TV interviews in The Pacific Northwest and New Zealand, and is a frequent guest on local sex positive podcasts, blogs and videos.

She is the creatrix of many events and organizations: in 1999 through her ordination and work with the Fellowship of Isis, she founded Iseum of Minerva-Appias to teach Goddess Theology. She created a unique form of peer counseling called Holistic Peer Counseling which is now taught by many and practiced by hundreds of people in various forms. She invented and coordinated Seattle’s popular annual Kinky Carnival™ from 2005-2009. She is one of five people whose creation of Seattle’s Love Council, (an affiliate of Portland’s Cosmic Love Tribe) generates unique heart-centered touch positive community events. Reverend Ciacchi offers a wide variety of workshops and classes through her ministry of Living Love Revolution! ™(formerly the “TerraFire Academy of Aphrodisiacal Living”).


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