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Show Details HostRap artist Wyldthang recently released his debut album RIZE, which has several songs made to heat up the bedroom. He now has a sex talk program where he discusses the joys of intimacy. He helps listeners discover the ties between music and sex. He discusses taboo topics we all think about (but may be afraid of saying), answers listener questions, gives relationship advice and expresses what he believes causes star worship from women (you’ll be surprised). Wyldthang wants to teach listeners how they can increase their overall performance and pleasure in the bedroom. In the end he just wants everyone to live out their sexual fantasies and experience the high that comes from having the ULTIMATE SEX.

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Love and Music – Sex Clock

In this episode we answer a question that women have pondered for century's, "What time of day do men want sex more?". Plus a guy who asks a question many men probably have wondered themselves.

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Love and Music with Wyldthang

The plane is rolling up to the airport and Jarvis “WYLDTHANG” Cormier is set and ready to go. With his solo debut RIZE and numerous musical credits tucked firmly beneath his belt, this emcee,thespian and urban poet carries a sack full of charisma and skills over his shoulder while he strides confidently toward the departure gate with ticket in hand.

WYLDTHANG began his journey on the southside of Houston,Texas where he was born and raised on the rich sounds of Motown, Al Green and the Isley Brothers in the air. As he came of age the lyrics and melodies of Street Military,Tupac and Cash Money Records caught his ear.
On the next leg of his journey, he partnered with several emerging artist in the city to form the rap collective Despradoz. With the crew he became a fixture on the city’s burgeoning hip hop scene. He has performed along the likes of Bun B, Scarface, and Juvenile and has performed at the South by Southwest Music Conference which is recognized on a international level. He has performed at various venues while touring several eastern US cities, places like Atlanta,Detroit, Philadelphia, and Boston.

On his electric solo debut RIZE, an intoxicating brew of soulful southern hip hop propels the album poetic,and social conscious lyrics into the stratosphere. The ten song set is sexy, fun, relevant and hip from top to bottom. Compositions like ” Good-Good” featuring platinum female emcee Shawnaa, Everything, and Chevy on 4’s serve as a road map for listeners to gain an understanding of where this hip hop thespian has been, where his head is at, and where he is going.

The airplane is taking off from the airport. While others sheepishly follow the herd into the passenger seats, WYLDTHANG steps back to look at the landscape. With a solid foundation and a trunk full of hot tracks, he is well prepared for his latest adventure. With one motion he sprints towards the front of the gates, and pulls himself aboard. As WYLDTHANG begins the journey with RIZE, he prefers the view from the cockpit.


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