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Show Details HostYou’ll hear a variety of experts on Sexploration with Monika, from clinical sexologists and relationship counselors to female ejaculation “squirtxperts” and tantric shaman to BDSM educators and kink porn stars. Let’s intellectually explore the ocean of possibilities in healthy human sexuality. “Sex-positive” means that sex, and pleasure, can be good for you – but only you can define what healthy sexuality is for yourself, and there are a thrillingly infinite number of pathways to pleasure. Favorite interview topics include sensuality as meditation, deconstructing dominant culture inequality & sex-negativity, clear relationship communication skills, the importance of self-pleasuring and good boundaries, creating non-traditional families and communities, investigation of “unusual” sex practices, safer sex techniques, harm reduction strategies, individual choice and responsibility, uncovering new pleasures, & your own personal funlightenment.



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Sexploration with Monika – Are you your own authentic kind of sexy?

Have you ever felt that the sexual revolution may have happened 50 years ago but you're still not getting what you want from sex and dating? Sex is such a big part of our culture, as 50-Shades of Grey is plastered high on big billboards, but unless you're empowered to say what you want, you might be feel sex & dating is the grey area. What do you do if you're into someone but they're not matching your level of interest? What if he's pushing for physical intimacy but refuses to offer emotional intimacy? Dr Susan Edelman, psychiatrist and author of "Be Your Own Brand Of Sexy" and I discuss how you can explore what you really want, treat your feelings with tenderness, support others, be honest with yourself, and pursue your own desires while gracefully saying no to what you don't want and yes to what you do. Is 50 Shades of Grey, depicting a healthy dating relationship, consent, and even kink in realistic way or is it a fantasy? Your kind of sexy is real and it's different from everyone else's. Let's talk about how to respect it.

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Sexploration with-Monika with Monika

Host of Sexploration with Monika, Monika Thomas, was a radio personality from Alaska who quit her morning show to travel the world and start a talk show about sex. Not only is talking about sex more interesting than weather and traffic, but being more open about sex can make the world better: less shame, more information! Monika has learned so much (who knew women could ejaculate and men could have multiple orgasms)!

Monika is now a certified sexual health educator who teaches rape and domestic violence prevention classes, and her spiritual beliefs include, “Sex is proof that God loves us and wants us to have fun!” As host of “Sexploration with Monika,” she interviews SF’s sexperts on how we can get more of what we want exploring clinical sexology and neuroscience or BDSM and tantra with recurring themes like presence, safer sex, connection, communication, and play. Ask questions, check out sexy photos and blog articles, find events, and download archived Sexploration with Monika episodes


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