The Way of the Courtesan

Show Details HostShamanic practitioner, Ché, guides you into spiritual and esoteric inquiry and an exploration of the dynamic relationship between the masculine and feminine, sensuality, sexuality, and the feminine arts. As part of her Design House, Ché is dedicated to bringing fashion and the metaphysical together in delicious, dynamic ways. Learn the secrets to Whole Beauty and sensual appeal for men and women of all ages, blending every aspect of life: emotional, psychological, spiritual and sexual into an empowered whole.



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The Way of the Courtesan – Have You Admired A Man Today?

Take a guided journey with Ché through an adventure of admiring the superpowers of a Man! Learn to enjoy some of the things that drive us crazy about men and turn them into deep appreciation, gratitude, and meditative practices for ourselves! In this broadcast, Ché revisits an older energy from her blog and brings, fresh, ad-libbed information to it about relationships, dialing up the spontaneity with your significant other, and news about the exciting, upcoming changes and developments on the horizon for The Way of the Courtesan.

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The Way of the Courtesan with Ché

Ché M. Usher is a medicine woman, Whole Beauty coach, experienced courtesan, artist, writer, and certified makeup and special effects professional (Complexions International School of Makeup Artistry.) “Whole Beauty” is a philosophy and practice that brings aesthetic ideals to body and soul. As a Master Herbalist and raw food nutritionist, Ché will soon be offering the ultimate beauty secret: natural ways to create beauty from the inside out. As a makeup artist in New York City, Ché enhanced the appeal of exotic models and film actors. Now she uses these skills in tandem with shamanism to bring beauty to the whole person in her many workshops for women and men. Ms. Usher has traveled the world from Italy to India to Peru learning the ancient art of energy medicine and the healing powers of shamanism and plant medicine. Ché graduated from renowned author and shaman, Alberto Villoldo’s The Four Winds Society’s “Healing the Light Body program”, and she works frequently in partnership with Marcela Lobos at The Women’s Altar and The Goddess retreats.

Founder of The Way of the Courtesan, Ché also serves as creative director of her design house, Chaos & Babalon. Her methods are not solely based upon Peruvian shamanism but that of many cultures. Her practice also includes elements of specific Eastern practices, Native North American beliefs, Reiki, various energetic systems, crystal healing, channeling, as well as the application of practical plant healing and gardening.

Ché assists both men and women to develop harmonious and passionate relationships within themselves and with others. Her experience also includes participation in diverse branches of the adult industry, where her hands-on study of the many faces of eroticism and power exchange enable her to offer a very unusual view on sensuality, with insight into human desires and sexual motivation, as well as how they pertain to one’s spiritual life. Ché has a rich, colorful career as a courtesan entailed entertaining, seducing, and enticing for a living from a place of service and compassion. Bringing her historical study of the original courtesans and the Kama Sutra together with her love of sensuality and mystery, and her mastery of imagination, Ché formed a successful and joyful business. This career gave elevated, dramatic learning experiences in a wide array of circumstances, a wealth of atypical knowledge, as well as the insight delivered to her directly by her high profile, long-term clients. After time, Ms. Usher decided to devote herself entirely to service of another kind and created The Way. The Way serves as the springboard for guiding others into empowerment and indulgence, a way of melding the material and physical beauty of the world with spiritual growth and honoring, so that one invites the other.

Ms. Usher has a very playful side (humor is an important medicine!) and her writing displays a love of words and often, a quite acerbic and silly wit, which is not always for the faint of heart. She has achieved an uncommon balance between the feminine and masculine aspects of her personality. For instance, not only does she have a glamorous history as a sought after courtesan but while still a teenager, Ché lived in a cabin with no running water, traveling by sled dog. Ché also served on as engineering assistant in the U.S. Coast Guard.


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