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SexTalkRadioNetwork.com offers a wide variety of program options to help you increase awareness for your business. From relationship-building, love and intimacy, Tantra or even instructional programming, we can align your product message within the subject matter that is the best fit.

Our listeners tend to be college-educated, computer users. Many use iTunes to subscribe to programs and listen with their .mp3 player, others are listening at work or at home.

Sponsorship packages are designed to meet individual advertiser’s goals and objectives.

To learn more about how to drive sales for your business contact: Mary Lou Davidson 941-379-1440 or mailto: MaryLou@SexTalkRadioNetwork.com

What you should know about on-line listenership:

Seventeen percent (17%) of Americans aged 12 or over listened to online radio in the past week, which equals an estimated 42 million people according to the latest in a series of studies conducted by Arbitron and Edison Research. The size of the weekly online radio audience has more than doubled since 2005, when the weekly online radio audience was estimated to be 20 million people.

What you should know about advertising in on-line radio programming or podcasting:

According to Edison Media Research 2010 Survey: Nearly 80% of these podcast consumers agreed that “when price and quality is equal,” they “prefer to buy products from companies that advertise on or sponsor” the podcasts they regularly enjoy.

*37% of these respondents expressed some positive sentiment about advertising in the podcasts they regularly listen to or watch, compared to only 6% positive sentiment expressed for the advertising approaches of television or commercial radio.

*In fact, 78% of these respondents agreed (and 21% agreed strongly) that their opinion of a company is more positive when they hear it mentioned in one of the podcasts they regularly enjoy.

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